[Picture of William Barrett]

Dr. William A. Barrett

Lecturer, retired

Department of Computer Engineering
San Jose State University

email: email Barrett

Fields of Interest

Compiler language tools,
Biometrics (timberface matching, face recognition, iris recognition, fingerprint standards)
Pattern recognition
National Politics

Expert in

C, C++, Perl, java, HTML, SQL, Lisp, several assembly languages.
Computer language design, Eclipse, visual C++, system design.

Lecturer in

General physics, optics, semiconductor physics, electromagnetic theory, compiler construction, software cost estimation, system design.

Project manager

...for advanced semiconductor layout tools, Hewlett-Packard, in Lisp, translating logic equations into a semiconductor matrix.
...for the Lasa Industries software group, supporting a process group in the development of a laser-powered machine to print the circuitry for a gate array system directly on the chip, from a design specification.


with six issued patents.

Educational Background

Ph.D. 1957 Physics and Mathematics, University of Utah.
M.S. 1953 Physics and Mathematics, University of Nebraska.
B.S. 1952 Physics and Mathematics, University of Nebraska

Consulting and Professional Experience

U.S. Forest Service, Hewlett-Packard, Lasa Industries, Applied Scanning Technology, Newnes Machine, Motion Sciences Industries, Lehigh University, Muhlenberg College, Bell Telephone Laboratories.